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Forensics DNA Evidence in Phoenix - Black Canyon

Answering Questions with DNA Analysis

Forensic DNA analysis uses the fact that every person’s DNA is unique to answer certain questions, such as the paternity of a child or the identity of a possible suspect from a crime scene. Forensics professionals collect physical evidence and analyze the samples, comparing them with samples from known sources. They use their training and experience to develop a theory of what really happened or, in certain applications, such as medical research, what is happening on an ongoing basis. Then a carefully verified paper trail, often called a “chain of custody,” can be used to help support a proposal or prove the theory in a variety of business and legal applications. Those applications include corporate and medical research and innovation, and criminal and family court proceedings.

Common Uses of Forensic DNA Evidence

Forensic DNA evidence has been used:

  • In criminal cases to exonerate people wrongly accused and convicted of crimes.
  • In inheritance cases to identify who is property entitled to inherit from the deceased and even how much a person is entitled to receive.
  • In child custody and child support cases to determine parental rights and responsibilities.
  • In immigration cases to prove that a person is an eligible relative to enter the United States or another country, for example in circumstances of refugees and people from war-torn regions where papers and documentation of identity have been lost or destroyed.
  • By journalists, social scientists, inventors and other professionals to dive deeply into a subject and support their positions and conclusions

DNA Matching

DNA Matching can help solve mysteries involving physical places and things and who has been in contact with them . . .

Infidelity DNA Testing

Lawyers, investigators and private individuals can use DNA testing to confirm or refute allegations of infidelity . . .

Deceased DNA Matching

Determining the biological relationship to a deceased person is the key that unlocks benefits including inheritance and social security.

Semen Identification

Tiny traces of semen and other bodily fluids on many objects and surfaces can be identified with DNA testing . . .

Forensic DNA Solves Mysteries & Moves Business Forward

ARCpoint Labs of Phoenix - Black Canyon professionally trained personnel use best practices to properly collect, transport, catalog, contain and analyze samples for testing. Those same best practices ensure proper documentation and reporting of the process every step of the way for accurate, verifiable, reliable results.

Our mobile resources allow us to be involved in every step of the process, from on-site collection through cataloging, analysis and final reporting. ARCpoint Labs of Phoenix - Black Canyon forensic DNA testing ensures confidence in any business, administrative, or legal application, including law enforcement agencies, attorneys in all forms of litigation, private investigators and others working in the civil and criminal justice systems.

Contact your team of qualified forensic DNA professionals at ARCpoint Labs of Phoenix - Black Canyon.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.

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